Research and Advocacy

As part of CEC’s focus on environmental issues and on forwarding a pro-people, scientific and nationalist environmental advocacy encompassing all sectors of society, the program leads the organization’s research and advocacy work.
It works with grassroots organizations articulating their concerns through researches that will aid their struggles for their right to a healthful ecology. Environmental Investigative Missions (EIMs), which are rapid impact assessments, are launched at their request and with their participation.

At the national level, researches are conducted on different thematic issues that will help in raising the awareness and deepening the understanding of the general public. The main issues that the program focuses include mining, reclamation, climate change, natural resource management and defending environmental defenders. CEC also reviews environment-related policies to provide basis for proposed policy recommendations. An example of this is the review of the Mining Act of 1995 or Republic Act 7942 that resulted from consultations with local community organizations, organizations of indigenous people, scientists, members of the academe and environmental advocates. From this review, the People’s Mining Bill was drafted and is currently pending in the House of Representatives. With this, CEC actively participates in advocacy work and launches educational activities. It partners with local community organizations to forward their issues and with other environmental advocates to help address various environmental problems. Educational discussions include the State of the Philippine Environment, Basic Environmental Orientation, and other issue-based discussions. It also produces publications and other informational materials to widen the reach of its advocacy such as the State of the Philippine Environment, mining situation, proceedings of consultations and other primers.


CEC is also a convener of alliances such as the People’s Network for the Integrity of Coastal Habitats and Ecosystems (People’s NICHE), Defend Patrimony Alliance and Environmental Advocates against Repression and Tyranny in defense of Human Rights (EARTH). This is aimed at forming unities and mobilizing activities that will help in addressing these issues.