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Center for Environmental Concerns - Philippines works to cultivate environmental awareness and action, create a community of advocates, and contribute to the defense of ecosystems and peoples through empowering education, community-based research, and people-oriented, patriotic, and scientific advocacy.

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Two Years of Martial Law in Mindanao, Two Years of All-Out Attacks Against Environmental Defenders

May 23, 2019

It has been two years since President Rodrigo Duterte declared Martial Law in the whole of Mindanao as response to the so-called “terrorist” threats and promise of security and prosperity, however, in reality it only worsened the situation of the people, especially those defending their communities and natural resources from corporations and large-scale destructive projects by the government.

The River Runs Red in the Cordillera

September 13, 2018

‘We shall let the nation witness once again a successful defense of the Chico River to let the river flow free, and as the fire of our dissent engulfs a tyrant’s aspiration for absolute power. Never will we let it be recorded in history that a fascist ruler has crushed the peoples’ movement with tyranny.’ – Cordillera Peoples Alliance