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Center for Environmental Concerns - Philippines works to cultivate environmental awareness and action, create a community of advocates, and contribute to the defense of ecosystems and peoples through empowering education, community-based research, and people-oriented, patriotic, and scientific advocacy.

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August 31, 2020

Among the modern-day heroes are environmental defenders who tirelessly devote their work in protecting the vast land and seas, and the rich natural wonders of the nation from local and foreign plunder of large corporations. They have risked and some have sacrificed their lives during their call of duty.

Intensifying attacks on land and environment defenders just less than a month into the effectivity of the sinister Anti-Terrorism Law.

August 24, 2020

Several posters slandering land and environment defenders were posted outside Sta. Ana Church in Davao City’s proper earlier this August. Among the faces involved were environment advocates Ms. Meggie Nolasco and Dr. Jean Lindo. Ms. Nolasco was a former staff in CEC while Dr. Lindo is a member of the Environmental Defenders Congress, which was co-convened by CEC.