Get involved

You can make a difference. Our volunteer program is aimed at engaging the broadest network of advocates to support research, advocacy and campaigns protecting and rehabilitating the environment and helping communities.

A large part of CEC’s work and its achievements have been accomplished through volunteerism. The programs implemented by the Center’s core staff have been supported by the pooled efforts of individuals coming from a diverse range of backgrounds: scientists, students, educators, teachers, health workers, Church workers, environmentalists, audio-visual groups, writers, artists, and musicians who believe that volunteering is a form of learning as well as giving and a means for extending support and solidarity to affected communities.

We welcome local and international internships, institutional linkages and individual volunteer work. CEC volunteers will benefit in terms of the following:

  • Gaining first-hand exposure to Philippine environmental issues
  • Enhancing skills in environmental research, advocacy, training, and campaign work
  • Expanding contacts with fellow advocates
  • Helping grassroots communities address environmental challenges

CEC is also open to collaborating with school-based organizations who wish to co-organize the following:

  • Regular exposure/community programs to CEC partner areas
  • School-based environmental education activities
  • Advocacy and information-dissemination activities

Interested to volunteer? You can send your inquiries at to find out how you can help out and fill out the volunteer profile form in this