Justice for Environmental Defender Jory Porquia

April 30, 2020

Another Killing of Environmental Defender during COVID-19 Pandemic

Center for Environment Concerns – Philippines condemns the assassination of Activist Jory Porquia this morning. Jory Porquia was shot dead at 5 AM in Sto. Niño Norte, Arevalo, Iloilo City with multiple witnesses reporting unidentified men wearing masks shot him. He succumbed to nine gunshots according to the crime investigators. Molo PNP harassed him a week ago for conducting feeding programs and relief operations for communities affected by COVID19 pandemic in Iloilo City.

Jory Porquia was the lead composer of CEC’s Ili-ili Album, a collection of Filipino and Hiligaynon environmental songs. He was also a leader of Madia-as Ecological Movement. He was an environmental defender who genuinely helped communities with their struggles. Currently, he was the Bayan Muna Iloilo City coordinator. Even during pandemic, he served the people with programs that addressed the needs of the people which the government failed to deliver.

The country’s current situation with militarized lockdown which continually threatens the people’s rights, safety, and food security, the government has the gall to continue in harassing and killing human rights advocates and environmental defenders. CEC demands justice for Jory Porquia and calls to stop the killings under this regime!